About Cohen Law

Believing That Civil Litigation Claims Are Personal

Civil litigation claims are not just some simple issue that can be resolved through a little bit of discussion. If you feel the need to file a civil lawsuit, we assume that you are dealing with extreme difficulties in your life at present. Cohen Law wants to help you fight those difficulties by providing you with superb legal service. As Miami civil litigation attorneys, we are dedicated to treating clients like they are a part of our family and advocating for them in that way.

A Firm that Respects You as an Individual

You are not just a case number; but larger law firms may see you that way. Some of the big firms in Miami are overwhelmed with cases and simply process through these cases as fast as possible, referring to clients as cases and speedily getting from one case to the other. This will not happen to you here. Instead, Cohen Law will treat you like the valued individual that you truly are. We will talk with you, ask you questions and even provide you with our cell phone numbers so you can call us any time you have a question or concern.

From the first free consultation to the final hearing, Cohen Law wants you to know how much they care about you. Our dedication to client-centered service is what sets us apart from some of the larger firms in the Miami area. The firm even has 24/7 phone service available to help you through your case.

Experience and Results You Can Trust

I, Attorney Cohen, have almost a decade of experience in civil and business law. We have also fought and won significant financial compensation for clients. These two accomplishments make our firm one that is trustworthy and noteworthy. Cohen Law is founded on principals of excellence and professionalism and we provide individualized attention to clients no matter what time of day.

Guaranteeing passionate and skillful legal representation contact Cohen Law today to get started.