What to Do After Being in a Car Accident

After being injured in a car accident on Florida’s roadways, you will probably want to file a personal injury claim to try to win compensation that will help pay for your medical bills or repair costs. But just saying that someone caused the traffic collision and hoping to get rewarded recoveries will probably not be enough to get you all that you need. You should back your claims with a solid case, and constructing that begins the moment the car accident occurs.

When you have been in a car accident, always remember these important steps:

Call the authorities:
In Florida, it is the law to notify the police whenever a car accident causes injury or damages that appear to be at least $500. Not only will law enforcement help clear others away from the scene, they can also provide you with copies of their own accident reports that could be used to your advantage.

Gather evidence:
The truth of what actually happened can often be reconstructed when ample evidence of the car accident is collected. Snap as many photographs as you want and from as many angles as you can. Be sure to get clear pictures of the damage to all cars involved. If any witnesses are nearby, see if any of them will provide you with a written testimony.

Exchange information:
It may sound like an obvious step but it is overlooked more often than most would think. Get whatever information you can about the other driver, including driver’s license, insurance policy, license plate, cell phone number, etc.

Never admit fault:
This cannot be stressed enough, so it bears repeating: never admit fault. Even if you feel that you are honestly partially responsible, do not say so. For all you know, the other driver could have been texting and driving, fussing with their GPS, or even intoxicated. Keep in mind that an insurance adjuster might view an apology as an admittance of guilt; when in doubt, remain polite yet quiet.

Retain an attorney:
More crucial than anything, you should start speaking with a professional Miami car accident lawyer as soon as possible. The details of your case could easily get muddled up in complicated liability laws, and you could find yourself wondering where to turn to next. With me, Attorney Danielle Cohen, at your side, I will ensure that you are not missing a critical step, that the liable parties do not shirk their responsibilities, and that you are being offered the fair and comprehensive settlement you deserve.

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