How Long Does a Property Damage Claim Typically Take?

If your home was damaged or destroyed by a fire, flood, or hurricane – the last two are especially common in Southern Florida and Miami – your one saving grace might be your homeowners’ insurance policy. But not all saviors arrive just on time, and it could be a while before your insurance actually gets to work, starts taking care of you, and starts repairing or rebuilding your property. How long must you wait? The answer varies considerably based on a number of factors.

Naturally-Delayed Natural Disaster Claims

Natural disasters that sweep over the land do not discriminate and do not hold back. If your property was damaged due to a force of nature, odds are high that hundreds, if not thousands, of others in your area are experiencing much the same turmoil. An insurance company putting in their best effort to handle all claims in a timely manner may still be left scrambling to keep up with the number of calls coming in each day for weeks after the disaster struck. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) could also be involved with taking care of people displaced by the disaster, which is both beneficial but can also cause delays and confusion. Lastly, if the damage has ruined roadways and other avenues of transportation, it could be a long while before it is safe for an inspector to come out to your property.

Professional Negligence Can Be a Problem

Human error and negligence can be so troublesome, they become akin to disaster as well. If your insurance provider is not making an honest effort to inspect your property and review your claim, you could be facing considerable delays in the process. You may need to speak to a supervisor or checkup on your insurance carrier regularly to ensure the wheels are in motion. If their lack of effort is particularly off-putting or causing you undue stress and pressures, it could constitute insurance bad faith, which is a legal violation.

What is the Average Timeframe for a Property Claim?

With all things considered, the average property damage claim can take more than a year to entirely finalize; extensive damage or unique conditions could double the time of completion. But that doesn’t mean it will take 12, 18, or 24 months to get your claim started and progressing – this should happen on day one. If you prepare your claim thoroughly and back yourself up with helpful evidence of the damage, and of what you had before the disaster, you can help ensure the gears of your claim keep turning so you are back in a complete, structurally sound home sooner than later.

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