Do I Really Need to Buy Homeowners' Insurance in Florida?

For most Florida residents, buying a home represents the absolute largest investment they will ever make in their lives. Depending on where you live, even a modest single-story household can cost well over a million dollars. To protect that investment, essentially all homeowners will choose to purchase one homeowners’ insurance policy or another. But do they have to?

Recommended But Not Required

Florida law does not have any statute that requires homeowners to purchase homeowners’ insurance. You will not get into any legal trouble if you own a house without it. You are probably going to land into financial troubles, however, if you forgo insurance. In this regard, it is not required but it is highly recommended.

With a fairly priced and appropriate homeowners’ insurance policy in place, you can rest easier knowing that your life’s greatest investment has a bit of a financial shield around it. If something goes wrong and causes major damage to the property, you won’t be completely out of luck. In Florida, with the threat of hurricanes tearing across the landscape each year, it is no wonder that most homeowners’ decide to get insurance without any convincing necessary.

Why Do Some Not Insure Their Homes?

Some people do not buy homeowners’ insurance because they cannot afford the extra monthly expenditure. This is a pretty rare situation, though, since few who don’t have the finances for homeowners’ insurance will be willing to put down a large sum on a home. The more common reason why people don’t insure their houses is that they don’t trust insurance companies. Such concerns are certainly not unfounded.

Unreliable and dishonest insurance companies – from small businesses to nationwide corporations – are notorious for trying to sell their customers short at every opportunity. All in the name of a better bottom dollar, these companies put their own interests before those of the people they insure. The result is unexplained and unfair claim denials that require legal action to sort out.

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