Hurricane Hermine & Filing Flood Damage Claims

Hurricane Hermine recently inundated the Big Bend area of Florida’s northwest coast, causing massive hurricane damage and flood damage to several cities and counties. Early estimates guess that $50 million to $100 million worth of damage to just homes has occurred due to the strength of the hurricane, which actually reduced to a tropical storm shortly after making landfall.

Down here in Miami, we were fortunate to be out of the swath of Hurricane Hermine’s might. But it does serve as a reminder that hurricane season is nowhere near finished for 2016; we might see intense storms and cyclones as late as the end of November. After a hurricane floods a city, one of the few things that makes matters worse is an insurance provider wrongfully denying homeowners’ insurance claims left and right to try to save money. If this happens to you and your claim is rejected, do you know what to do?

Filing & Backing Up Your Flood Damage Claim

In order to prevent or fight an insurance claim denial, preparation is key. If you have not already, you should start to catalogue the condition of your property before a major storm hits. Take photographs of the area, taking special note of rooftops, windows, paneling, and other parts of your home that are susceptible to storm damage. If or when a powerful storm surge does slam into your community, you can create another album of photographs afterwards to create a clear side-by-side before-after comparison to use in your insurance filing.

While this technique can help increase your chances of receiving the insurance benefits you expect, it is not foolproof. Insurance companies that are afraid of paying out too much following a hurricane or tropical storm may take deliberate steps to wrongfully deny the claims of their customers. This is known as insurance bad faith, and it must be challenged whenever it occurs.

At Cohen Law, our Miami homeowners’ insurance attorneys regularly take on cases for clients who need to go up against their insurance providers. If you have been denied and do not think it is valid, you should contact our firm today to learn about our services and your legal options.

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