Burglary Claims

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It can be incredibly unsettling to learn that your home or business has been ransacked by a burglar. Unfortunately, this type of shock is a reality for countless Americans every year, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reporting that more than 1.1 million residential burglaries occurred across the United States in the 2014 alone. While many turn to their homeowner’s insurance policies in these situations for much-needed financial assistance, unfortunately, insurance companies are often less-than-eager to uphold their end of the bargain and may sometimes resort to shady tactics to limit or deny coverage.

If your home or business has been burgled and have been stonewalled by an uncooperative insurance company, call Cohen Law today. Having fought for the rights of South Florida homeowners for more than a decade, our skilled Miami homeowner’s insurance lawyers can bring the aggressive legal expertise and passionate advocacy you need to maximize your eligible settlement.

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What Losses Can I Recoup?

The aftermath of a burglary can be devastating, especially if the stolen items were of considerable monetary or sentimental value. Fortunately, homeowner’s insurance typically includes coverage for damage to your home and the theft of your possessions in the event of a break-in, up to the limits of your claim. After a burglary, call the police and document all damage with photos or video. Likewise, prepare an extensive list of all stolen items and include in your claim receipts for any emergency repairs you need to re-secure your home, such as fixing broken windows or locks.

Our team can help you pursue coverage for the following:

  • Home repairs
  • Stolen electronics
  • Stolen cash
  • Stolen jewelry
  • Damaged items

It is important to note, however, that some policies will only reimburse you for the actual cash value of your stolen or damaged property rather than the cost of its replacement. Our attorneys can look through the specific wording of your policy and fight to ensure you receive every penny’s worth of your eligible coverage.

Retain the Powerful Support You Need

At Cohen Law, we strongly believe that if a person’s homeowner’s insurance policy says it covers theft, it should. As a faithfully paying policyholder, you have a right to be treated with the same level of respect and receive all forms of compensation for which you are entitled. Through negotiations with your insurer or litigation if absolutely necessary, we have what it takes to help you move forward after your burglary with peace of mind.

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