Burst Pipes & Water Damage

Florida Homeowners’ Insurance Attorney

A homeowner is responsible for regular maintenance throughout their home, up to a reasonable amount and care. Since plumbing fixtures are buried within walls and sometimes underground, it is not reasonable to assume a homeowner will be able to identify problems and react accordingly. Without warning, a burst pipe can flood your home with water and destroy everything it contacts.

In an ideal situation, your homeowners’ insurance provider will step in and take care of you. In reality, many insurers choose to fight homeowners for burst pipe and water damage claims, often citing a homeowner’s alleged neglect. If this has happened to you, it is time to turn to Cohen Law and our Florida homeowners’ insurance attorneys.

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Review Your Policy & Get Started

The first thing you should do after a burst pipe or water damage claim is denied is comb through your homeowners’ insurance policy. Some insurers will be quick to deny a claim because they state such damage is not covered in a typical policy, only flood damage caused by external sources, like a hurricane or storm. Reviewing your policy will reveal the truth.

Once you better understand your policy, catalogue the damage thoroughly by taking pictures of:

  • Structural damage
  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Destroyed furniture and property
  • Short circuited wiring
  • Rusted or faulty pipework
  • Neighbor’s damaged property (apartments)

Everything that has been destroyed by the burst pipe should be repaired or replaced to avoid allowing even more mildew to grow, which can be dangerous to your health. The final cost will likely be steep. It should not come out of your own pocket.

Empower Your Claim with Our Representation

Sometimes the only step required to get the coverage you deserve from your homeowners’ insurance provider after water damage destroys your home and property is to show them that you are serious. By retaining the legal advocacy of our Florida homeowners’ insurance lawyer, you can make the message clear that you are ready to fight for and stand up for your rights. Contact our team to get a rundown of what needs to happen next, delivered through an initial consultation at no cost to you.