Storm Damage Claims in Florida

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Residents all throughout Florida, from Miami to Tampa to Jacksonville to Tallahassee, know that strong tropical storms are a persistent hazard throughout the year. When a storm surge hits your home, matters become even worse if your homeowners’ insurance provider decides to deny your claim, delay its payout, or give you as little as possible. You have been paying them monthly premiums for their protection. Why would they try to short change you now? Why should they get away with it?

At Cohen Law, our Miami homeowners’ insurance lawyers are here to help people fight for the benefits and coverage they expect, need, and deserve. We have more than 10 years of total legal experience that we can put to use for your claim, allowing us to fight insurance bad faith wherever it may occur. Contact us today, let us know what happened, and we can let you know if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

Damaged Caused by Tropical Storms

A dishonest insurance provider may deny a storm damage claim simply because a storm cell never magnified into a hurricane. While it is true that a hurricane is far more likely to cause catastrophic damage, it is not true that a storm cannot ruin properties as well. Just one day of heavy rainfall and winds can wreck the average home, leading to thousands in damage that should not be repaired at the expense of the homeowners’ insurance policy holder.

After a tropical storm, your home could experience the following types of damage:

  • Flood damage to cellars and lower floors
  • Roof and tiling damage from balls of hail
  • Siding and paneling damage from gale force winds
  • Deck and porch damage from various sources
  • Window damage from tossed debris

Need to File or Need to Fight?

Our Miami homeowners’ insurance lawyers can assist you in your initial storm damage claim filing. With us by your side, your insurance provider will see that you are taking the matter seriously, and they will be less likely to conduct some sort of inappropriate denial or delay of your claim. If you have already filed and were met with resistance, we can step in to represent you in the legal aspects of your case, bolstering your chances of receiving the coverage you need to restore your home to its former condition. From beginning to end, let Cohen Law be your friend.

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