Vandalism & Homeowners’ Insurance in Miami

Is Vandalism Covered by My Homeowners’ Insurance?

Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover vandalism, but there are always exceptions. In most cases, the building must be occupied, or at least not have been vacant for an extended period of time. Review your policy in detail if you are wondering whether or not you are covered for vandalism of your home or other property.

There are some cases, however, when a homeowner’s insurance claim for vandalism is wrongfully denied. The Miami homeowners’ insurance lawyer at Cohen Law represents these individuals as the fight for the coverage they deserve.

Denied Homeowners’ Insurance Claim for Vandalism

Many policies do not cover vandalism if the building has been vacant for a certain number of days (usually somewhere between 30 – 60). “Vacant” means that the house is empty of all persons and personal property belonging to the policyholder. Because of this, vandalism of empty vacation homes or of houses that the owner has moved out of is usually not covered by homeowners’ insurance.

Do you believe you have been wrongfully denied insurance coverage for vandalism of your home? Speak with a Miami homeowners’ insurance lawyer from Cohen Law today. Our team may be able to gather evidence and prove that you are, in fact, covered for vandalism and deserve a full payout. Do not fight your insurance company on your own – get a skilled lawyer on your side!

Contact a Miami Homeowners’ Insurance Attorney

Vandalism can result in thousands of dollars in damages. Do not pay these expenses out of your pocket when your insurance company has promised to cover vandalism in your policy. At Cohen Law, our legal team has the knowledge and skill necessary to examine your policy and hold your insurance company accountable. Whether your insurance claim has been denied or unnecessarily delayed, we can help you fight for the coverage that you deserve.

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