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Miami Construction Accident Attorney

Known for being some of the most hazardous and dangerous work environments, construction zones produce injuries and fatalities on a regular basis. Such catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths are not only devastating, but can change the victims' lives forever if they survive. Heavy machinery and failure to abide by safety precautions cause many of the injuries sustained on construction sites. Such negligence can be grounds for a personal injury claim, through which you can recover compensation for your damages.

Have you or someone you love been affected by an injury or wrongful death caused by a construction accident? If so, then you are the perfect candidate to seek legal advice and compensation for medical bills and more. As a dedicated team led by a Miami personal injury lawyer, Cohen Law is here to give you sound legal counsel while we fight for your compensation, for your rights and for your future.

Need a personal injury lawyer in Miami?

The following types of accidents may cause injuries or worse and are cause for legal compensation:

When you are injured, your employer and/or your insurance company will likely do little to help you. Take immediate action to claim the compensation you need by gathering all relevant evidence and information and bringing it to a competent and knowledgeable attorney who can help. Cohen Law has the compassionate drive and experience to help you through the entire process.

Compensation for Construction Accidents

Your health and wellness are our top priority, and because the injuries you sustained may need extensive medical attention and recovery time, you can't afford to wait to hire an attorney to seek the compensation you need. Don't settle for anyone less than the best. Hire Cohen Law to represent you and fight for you in court. I, Attorney Cohen, am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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